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Urban Vantage Property Group is a boutique building management company, experienced in the management of prestige and complex residential apartments as well as commercial, historical and mixed-use buildings of all sizes from smaller strata plans from 10 to 50 lots to larger buildings with up to 200 or 300 lots and anything in between.

Modern apartment buildings have a typically high capital value and incorporate many complex engineering, security and access systems. We believe it is essential that your owner's corporation appoints an experienced building management company, with a proven track record and experience in the industry, to effectively manage and maintain your valuable asset. Urban Vantage Property Group offers a wide variety of building services to allow you to live comfortably in the knowledge that your investment and your home, are in good hands.

We are committed to the professional and efficient operation of the buildings that we manage to the benefit of the owners and strata committee. We take great pride in providing high-level personalised services to property owners in the Sydney area. 


Suite 302/50 Murray Street Sydney NSW 2000


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